Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We Survived...

We survived the Christmas holiday. Christmas Eve was tough for me and I spent most of it in tears at work and while wrapping presents. We started some new traditions with the girls last year and have continued those. This was one of the suggestions in our grief support group and we have tried to do a few of them to get through the holidays. Mady had said a couple days before that it was sad last year that we didn't make any cookies for Santa. So, we did get some made this year. We have always made oatmeal raisin, but thought we should make a different kind this year. We had lots of company on Christmas day and I think that actually helped keep me distracted most of the day. Of course Abby was never out of my thoughts on such a special day, how could she be. In fact, Santa brings gifts for the Foundation to our house every year now. Last year Mady asked for some in her letter to Santa and he brought an enormous bag full of them. This year, Santa left some animals under our Abby Tree.

Those of you keeping track out there, we have a lot of bagging to do in January. I'll try to get a date scheduled soon. And another note, we had to change the date of the Celebration to the 14th of June, so mark the date.

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  1. brenda,
    My Class would love to help you bag all of the animals and such. Let me know if we can help you anytime. Thanks!
    Amy Gastler