Friday, December 12, 2008

A Visit to Santa

We are planning to take the girls to see Santa tonight at Winter Wonderland so I thought I would share pictures of our Abby with Santa. These are from 2006. I still have to laugh when I think about this trip. Most years I have to take the girls on my own or Aunt Becci would come along because Marc always has basketball games on Friday night. But this year Marc was able to go before he had to be at his game, which was nice. We were second in line and just waiting for the big guy to arrive when Abby had to go potty. Guess what, the bathrooms were locked. I wasn't sure what to do, so she and I went back to the expedition to drive somewhere, but she didn't think she could make it. (I think the cold got to her.) I decided to let her tinkle behind the tire where no one would see. She had just pulled her pants up when the firetruck with Santa came around the corner. It was Scott and Cole Daniels bringing him in. Abby waved really big at Cole. They blew the siren and Abby was not expecting that at all. She literally dove under the vehicle because it scared her. I just laughed and laughed. She was never afraid of anything, so it caught me off guard that she would be startled like that. We went back into line to see Santa. I remember Mady wanted Lucky the Wonder Pup and Abby wanted a Princess Dress and baby doll stuff. We then road on the carriage ride with Ralph Florea. The girls loved doing this and petting the horses. Unfortunatly Marc didn't get to ride with us, but we were glad he got to see Santa with us this year.

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  1. This sounds like a very special story, that you will always have to remember and cherish.