Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Sister Missed

As I said yesterday, we did some major house cleaning. In the dining room, behind a cabinet, I found some of Mady's writings. They left us in tears. My poor little girl. Here is what I found....

This page says "I miss my sister. She is in Heaven. I really miss her. Bye Bye." The picture is from Kendra's birthday party I think in October of 2006.This one says "My sister died in a wreck. The guy had no license. Can you bring my sister back to life again and make my sister please come to life and make the wreck never happen."

I am not sure when these are from. There are several spelling mistakes that I know she knows how to spell now, so I am guessing the writings are from first-second grade. In that time frame. Mady has some other journals that I know about. She keeps one in her bag and one in her room. I do peek at them from time to time, but knew nothing of this one. I am glad that she can express herself by writing her feelings down. I know it has to help her.


  1. oh Mady...

    - Becci

  2. To be able to express yourself through a journal is a gift. I am so happy she was able to do that. My heart goes out to her this day.