Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas 2006, Part 1

It really doesn't seem that long ago that we celebrated Christmas with our Abrielle. I really wanted to go back through our years with her like I did at Halloween, but just can't right now. Something about this holiday just makes getting through a "normal" day extra hard. Instead, I will share different events from our last Christmas with her, 2006. Looking at these photos on my memory card is tough enough, but to add to it, some were damaged in the accident. I always carry my camera in my purse, because with kids you never know when that kodak moment will occur. My purse was sitting on the front passenger seat, which there was nothing left of, and my camera inside was destroyed. I am thankful that the memory card was left intact and most of the pictures were ok, but there a some that have been totally wiped off and some that have a fog to them. Anyway, here are some pictures of our Neff family Christmas at our house. Here's one of the "foggy" ones.
My little Elmo lover.
Kitty Slippers!

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