Monday, December 22, 2008

Abby's Preschool Party

Travel with me back to December 2006 as we find Mrs. Nielson's preschool class enjoying their Christmas party. First up is a round of games. Let's try to knock down the snowman, shall we. It's a race between two teams, so get to throwing those bean bags.

Ready, set, throw!
Missed with that one. Jaden knocked his head off. You have two left. Try again. Score!!! Let's celebrate Cole! Now it's time to fill the stockings with fuzzy pompoms carried on a spoon. Oops, no pictures of this game. Let's move on to the gift exchange.

Keep passing the bean bag until the music stops Abby.

Let's see what present Abby chose.

Oh, cool! It's stickers and tattoos! How fun!Time for snacks. Abby, you brought the treats. You can help pass them out. Yummy! Santa Claus ice cream cones.
Uh, oh! Abrielle broke her cone off. Be careful not to get ice cream all over your red snowflake shirt.

Everyone really seems to like your ice cream treats Abby. What a fun party! I think all the preschoolers had a good time.

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