Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Poem for Abby

Christmas in Heaven,
What is it like for you?
Are there gifts to open,
And family dinners too?

Have you been baking
With Great-Grandma Pendergrass,
Making cookies and candies
To share with all who pass.

Or have you and Grandpa
Found the perfect spot,
To give ice fishing a try
Before it gets too hot.

Are you and Granddad
Dealing the cards,
Playing Go Fish
With the angels in charge.

Has Uncle Bob
Found you a big hill
To ride your sled down
Without any spills.

Are you wearing your hat
Like Mommy says to do
As you build snowmen
And have snowball fights too.

Christmas at our house
Is still filled with tears,
Missing you terribly
Year after year.

Between your two sisters’
Your stocking hangs still,
With no gifts or toys
For us to fill.

On Christmas,
In our thoughts you will be
As we open gifts
Left under the tree.

We spend the day playing
With the new gifts given,
But never forget
About you up in Heaven.

So look down on us
On this special day,
Let us feel you close
As we struggle and pray.

Merry Christmas Abby! Mommy and Daddy love you!

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