Monday, October 27, 2008

Carving Pumpkins This Year

As I have shared, we kind of boycotted the pumpkin carving tradition last year (among others) and we had a very disappointed little girl. Mady made sure we didn't skip the fun this year. She kept after us and Friday night we carved pumpkins. We always had the tradition of actually going and picking out the pumpkin, but this year we just used the ones we had grown, even though they were a little on the small side. Mady got to work drawing the designs for every one's faces.
While Elly and JackJack were not too sure what was going on.
And so the mess began...
Elly decided to sample the "eww"
By the time we were finished, Elly had us all covered in the "eww" from flinging it off her hands. It didn't take for JackJack long to leave the fun either. Once pumpkin got on him, that was enough. So here are the finished jack-o-lanterns.

Obviously they are lined up in order. Mady's is first with a little pig nose. Elly's has "E" eyes and a "C" nose. Of course the A is for Abby. Nothing spectacular, but at least we have jack-o-lanterns this year. I just kept telling myself that they are just stupid pumpkins and nothing more in order to get through it. It's these childhood traditions that are so tough sometimes. A pumpkin doesn't mean anything in itself but carving a jack-o-lantern is family time. And family time is always minus one little girl. Doing these kinds of things makes the gaping void unavoidable. It's like a reality slap in the face.

I'll post more of our Halloweens with Abrielle this week along with happenings, so keep an eye out for two posts a day again.


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