Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday Bagging

We had a good crew for the bagging and parade prep on Saturday night. We had some pros from last years parade prep, Kara and Randi, and were able to band the crayons in no time. We were also able to break in the McKee's too. They have helped with other things, but this was the first bagging they were able to make. Here are some pics. Timmy & Laura hard at work tying ribbons to the crayons.Teresa McKee cut apart tags while Teresa Frueh punched holes. Randi, Chloe, and Kara rubber banded the crayons.The finished product. Lots of crayons for the kids. We will pass out little notebooks too, but even though they shipped out last Monday, they didn't make it in time for the prep night. Our group of men hard at work bagging.
The ladies and kids making cards.

We bagged up 102 little prayer lambs in memory of Katherine Steiner. The lambs are kneeling and have their arms folded like they are praying. We purchased these with some of the memorial money we were given. We still have some money left, so we will be on the look out for more cute little animals.

BONUS~ Here is a picture of Elly and Tyler (Beth's little guy) in the tub together after a night of entertaining all of us baggers. I don't think they could have fit any more toys in with them.


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