Friday, October 17, 2008


Here's the scoop...We are number 102, so we should be a ways back this year. (Hopefully Cole and Scott will be able to join us this year after going thru on the firetruck.) We (the float) has to be there at 7:45, but the rest of us can get there at about 8:45 since the parade doesn't start until 9:00. This should give us enough time to put streamers, balloons, and any other last minute touches on. I'm not sure what the trailer will look like because I left that in the guys' hands. We'll have to wait and see what their talents produce. We are to line up on the road down from Roberta Hall this year, but you can always call Marc or I that morning and we can tell you where we are actually at. As far as the weather, I checked and there is not supposed to be any rain. It is to be 42 by 9, but feel like it's bundle up! Remember to wear your Abby's Hugs shirts and I will have extras there in case someone needs one. Hope to see everyone Saturday!

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