Friday, October 3, 2008

Scrapbooking Fun

I love to scrapbook (not claiming to be good, just enjoy doing it) and last weekend a bunch of us got together for our monthly scrapping. We scrapped for 14 hours! We wound down at 1 am and I was pleased with how much I got done on the Foundation scrapbook. Of course the best part of it all is the girl time. Here's what I have done so far....I'm still really far behind.
Sorry for the glare on these. I should have taken them out of the page protectors. Here is the building of the playhouse we donated to EFE. This is titled huggable shower gifts. My cousin Melissa Pendergrass asked all her baby shower guests to bring something for the Foundation. How sweet is that! After the shower, we sent balloons to Heaven for Abby.
Here we are prepping for the Homecoming parade last year. Yep, Marc and Adam were hard at work too.Here are pictures from the actual parade. We even got Papa to walk! And look at the long list of names that walked with us!
Had to include a page of all our us with our tattoos! This says Friends Help Out, but it's hard to see in the picture. It is of Mrs. Watkins class helping to bag animals and decorate cards with their parents. Here is the new sidewalk the Foundation poured at EFE on the preschool/kindergarten playground. Allen Monuments donated the pink granite stone that is set in the sidewalk and Faustlin Concrete did all the work.
I made pockets to keep all the wonderful thank you notes in. We love looking at these and share them at our baggings to share the thanks with those that help make all this possible.This is a layout of planting pumpkin seeds in one of the beds in the outdoor classroom in 2007. Unfortunately the bunny rabbits ate all the plants off and we had to replant. No pumpkins that year, but we will try again.
Here we are getting ready to plant, the preschoolers patiently waiting with their gloves on and trowels in hand. This also shows all the flowers we bought. The class decided on pink and purple flowers (They sure knew Abby) and we added some white ones too. Marc, Mady, and Mr. Klotz placed the purple iris in the center of the garden together. The iris belonged to Abby's great-great-grandma Mires. I'm so glad Megan Mires thought of bringing them! Finally we get to plant. This is of the actual garden planting in 2007. The finished garden layout. Accent Printing donated the sign that stands in the center of the garden. Hobby Horse Hill donated the angel statue that was surrounded by purple petunias. It looked beautiful!

Compassion. These are pictures from when I went to NE Nodaway School to speak on compassion. The first graders performed a short play for me, which is in the pocket, and every kid in the school made me a warm fuzzy. I cut every one of the sentences, except for 2, off the fuzzies and they cover the whole seconded page. I had to save them, they were all so sweet.

The Nodaway County Fair parade. Obviously I used the farm theme from the parade. Check out our cow!

Three groups of 5th graders at MMS chose the Foundation for their Pay It Forward project. The pictures were dark, but I loved what the kids did for us, so I had to make a page.

That's as far as I am for now. I'll try to share more when I get them done. Thanks to my scrappin' buddies for helping me get back into the groove. Without them I probably still would not have started on the Foundation pages yet.

Please keep us in your prayers as we have a tough weekend ahead. We will be attending CMH's Memorial Service where they will be unveiling the quilt with Abby's picture on it.



  1. I love the pages! I really didn't check them out before I left...I guess I was walking in my sleep! I also had a great time and so glad we are scrapping together. I will be thinking and praying for your family about this weekend.

  2. Always in our prayers...I love the pages...wish I had scrapbooking "talent"!!

    Amber Thompson

  3. Your pages are awesome! I wish I could have stayed longer and scrapped the night away....wait I guess it was morning:) I had such a great time and can't wait till the next. Scott, the kids, and I will be thinking and praying for you this weekend.