Thursday, October 23, 2008

Preschool Class Party - 2006

In sharing more for the Halloween season, here's Abrielle's class party.

Trying to run between Mady's and Abby's class Halloween parties, I missed some of Abby's. I missed the games, but want to share some of what I did capture.
The class was supposed to decorate their pumpkin sugar cookies to make jack-o-lanterns with candy corn and m&ms. I guess my child just wanted a pumpkin because she didn't put anything on hers. Oh, and I truly wondered for a long time if she really was my child because she didn't like chocolate! I can't believe I could have a child that didn't like chocolate! Every Schimming LOVES chocolate! Marc had strong influences in this one...she was definitely a Neff.
Such a cutie with her big brown eyes! Those she did get from me :) I am pretty sure I fixed her hair this day, but she would never leave it in all day. Not sure why. She would never really give you a reason other than "I tooked it out." The kids in her class kept find hair things in the classroom after she was gone. They all knew whose they were.

Here's all the kids in the preschool class that year.


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