Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkin Carving 2006

Since the season is upon us, I thought I would share some past fall festivities with everyone. I will start with the most recent...2006. Last year Mady was not very happy with us because we didn't carve any jack-o-lanterns. We just couldn't...too tough, but we are going to this year.
This was our last Halloween together with our Abrielle. The girls had so much fun carving their pumpkins. They both instructed Mommy as to what shapes to draw and Daddy as to how to cut them out.

Abby never seemed to mind getting her hands all goopy cleaning out the pumpkins. Notice JackJack was in for the excitement, even though he was still an outside cat then.I absolutely love the great big grin on Abby's face in this one. She's laughing because I think JackJack was helping with the clean-out step. The finished jack-o-lanterns and two very pleased little girls.This is also the night I captured the picture of Abby with JackJack that I love so much. (Sorry this is the original off the memory card and I didn't take the red eye out) She loved that cat so much! He would tolerate her beyond belief, but I guess that was the kind of love he grew up getting. She could do just about anything to him and he just didn't care, obviously, she's laying on him and he's just staying there. As anyone that's met him now, we are not all that lucky. He gets a little grouchy with people sometimes now, so it's a good thing we got him declawed. ~Brenda

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