Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween 2004

As promised, here's another Halloween. In 2004, Abrielle was almost 17 months and Madyson was 4. Sorry that the pictures are not that great. We are now back into the pre-digital age. My scanner at home is not working so I tried to cheat and just take pictures of the pictures. Pumpkin carving this year Marc and I had to clean them out because neither girl wanted to touch the slimy stuff. Oh and that's not a knife Abby has. It's an icing spreader to see if they would try to scrape the stuff out.
Here are the finished pumpkins. Mady wanted a smiling pumpkin because she didn't like scary ones and Abby's had one tooth because she had just gotten in her first tooth.And here's one of the girls with their pumpkins before carving.
They were fairies this year, but Mady kept saying it with a "v" instead of the "f" which sounded so cute. Abby kept pulling her skirt up to her armpits which just looked so funny.

The girls looked cute, but we learned the wings were not a good idea for Abby because of the car seat. We had to keep taking them off every time we got into the vehicle.Here's Abby with her skirt hiked up. I wish I could have gotten the picture to turn out better, because it's too cute. She has the skirt up under her armpits and is saying cheese up at Grandma Chris'.

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