Monday, October 20, 2008

Homecoming Parade

The weather was much warmer this year and we had a good crew come to walk with us. (A big THANK YOU to those that came!) The theme was Lights, Camera, Bearcats! but we didn't incorporate it this time. We were met with applause 4 different times during the route. The first time the clapping started I said to Shannon I think I'm going to cry. She just told me it's ok that I have sunglasses on, no one will know:) I just can't explain the feeling that came over me. It was like you could feel love. It was definitely neat to know that people appreciate what we are doing.
Look, we have balloons this year! Last year I picked them up on Friday night since we had to be there so early and they kept popping throughout the night. Scared me every time one popped! This year we got to pick them up on Saturday morning.

Marc and Shannon were having quite the time with the streamers.

Mema with Elly.

Bel and Marc working on filling up the baskets with all the goodies for everyone to pass out.

Miss Elly was too cute. She wanted to help pass out stuff too.

Here we all are posing for a picture before we got to moving. We were almost to the back of the parade this year, but that worked out well. Scott, Cole, and Kyndall as well as Teresa were able to make it back to join us.

Our float full of kids and Grandma trying to keep Elly contained.

Jeanette, Carrie, and Kathy having fun along the route.

Elly didn't stay contained for long... Here she is with Steph. She needed out with the action where she could clap and dance to the band behind us. (No bobble heads behind us to get us this year Landry.)Mady and Chloe let balloons go to Heaven for Abby after the parade. I missed the first big bunch they let go because I didn't know they were doing it. Mady always wants to send balloons to Abby and I think that's great. Sometimes we even have to tie pictures and notes to them.



  1. I hate it that we missed it this year. Maybe next year things will be better for everyone and we can travel to come see you. Belinda and I thought about you Saturday morning, and made the comment we wished we could be there.

    Love you all, Aunt Laura

  2. What a great thing you are doing! We were at the Homecoming parade and I have twin 3 yr old boys. My little Jacob was handed one of your notebooks and he thought that was Awesome!! He said a Handy Dandy Notebook!! Ethan got the crayons and that was cool too!! So, the notebooks were a perfect size and they use it everyday to find "Clues"! Blues Clues is the big thing at our house!! God Bless you all!!