Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Thoughts & Tears

The day is here, kids are excited but I am left with this missing piece in my heart still. We are doing something different this year and dressing the girls up differently. Mady wanted to be the bride of Frankenstein and I just didn't think that Elly should be that too:) She's going to be a Chiefs cheerleader because we know they can use the extra support. Anyway, we are breaking our five year tradition of dressing our girls alike. Don't know, maybe this will help a little with the holiday even. Mady asked this morning as we were heading into school, what do you think Abby would be this year since we are not the same? I just said that I didn't know. In actuality if Abby was still here I would have three girls dressed alike in some way. Maybe not identical costumes like in years past, but they would have coordinated somehow so that the pictures would look cute. Ok, so maybe I'm goofy, but it's easier to scrapbook if there is some sort of theme to what they are wearing on this sort of occasion. I was somewhat dreading the school party. Just was not sure how I was going to handle seeing Abby's friends parading in their costumes. Well, I did good as the kids all went thru but shed some tears after I went back to the kiva to finish getting everything ready for the third grade party. I tried so hard to be tuff but the emotions were just overwhelming. The other Moms were very supportive and comforting and we were soon laughing again. My eyes were dry before the kids came through for snacks and we were ready for the fun.

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  1. Brenda
    You are such a wonderful person.
    Your girls are lucky to have such a wonderful MOM that cares so much.
    Have fun tonight with the girls!!!