Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gravesite Theft

Can you even believe it!!! Someone stole something from Abby's grave! We took the pumpkin over to her on Monday evening and were cleaning things off that had been there a while and were getting faded when we noticed her pennies were gone. Beth made a cement leaf bowl that started off with bird food in it last winter. When the snow left, people that would visit would leave their found pennies from Heaven for us there (and sometimes quarters, nickels, dimes). We had not taken any of the money out of the bowl yet. Not sure why, but we were letting it accumulate. I guess it was just a way to see that some one had been there and how many other people were getting pennies. It's not like there was a huge amount of money there, so I don't know why someone would take it. Marc started trying to make excuses like maybe it got hit with the lawnmower and they picked up the pieces, but we could only find 3 pennies in the grass. If the caretakers had broken it, they would have left the money I'm sure. So Marc finally came to the conclusion that I already had that someone has stolen our pennies and the holder. I know Aunt Beth can make her another, but that's not the point. What kind of person takes something left at some one's grave! I guess I hope they spend the pennies wisely and feel the guilt when they do. For everyone else, next time you visit Abrielle, keep your pennies for now until we get something else to put them in.

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  1. Brenda, I know what you mean when you can't believe people would steal from other's grave. Someone stole a solar angel from my mother-in-law's that she loved and kept in her yard at home. Phil's dad thought it would be nice to put it at Dorothy's grave and now it is gone. We were very upset and appalled.