Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Justice System at Work Again

We received notice from the Prosecuting Attorney's office today concerning the whole parole hearing issue. They were informing us that due to an error by the judge, Ryan Sundermann was receiving credit for the 180 days he served in county jail against his 6 year sentence. As you all remember, Sundermann's bond was revoked and he was ordered to serve the 180 days for violation of his probation of driving without a license and consuming alcohol. It was not for the manslaughter charges because he had posted bond on those charges. Instead of withdrawing the warrant issued in our case, the judge terminated the requirement for a bond. A technicality that will allow him out of prison earlier and probably the reason for the early parole hearing. I swear this system works for the criminals every chance it can! It just makes me so angry! Why is it that we have to fight every step of the way. Why does everything work in his favor! I thought once he was in prison the fight would be over for 2 years until the first parole...guess not. In this justice system it's the criminals with the rights and not the victims. Innocent until proven guilty - HE'S BEEN FOUND GUILTY - so why do we still have to do this!? It's time for an overhaul of the system! You know as well as I do that as soon as he gets out he will be right back to drinking and driving because he even said under oath that he doesn't have a problem. So let's just hurry and let him back out so someone else can lose their little girl too. Sorry for the angry outburst, but seriously, when is justice going to work the way it should? The Bible even says an eye for an eye. Maybe it's time to get back to that old way again.


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  1. He'll meet his maker someday, and regardless of how our screwed up legal system let him off or slapped him on the wrist, he'll still have to answer for his actions. I'm sorry of this latest news...I'm sure it is painful to keep going through this and knowing the criminals always get the breaks.
    Take care of yourself.