Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guys & Dolls Fundraiser

Check out today's paper. There is an article on the upcoming fundraiser.
I failed to get all the information as to why they were doing this for us. When I was first told about the salon wanting to do something for us, it came from Virginia. She had just gotten her hair cut by Tina Spurgin (her cousin) who works there. I thought that maybe she was the one that had suggested the Foundation as a cause for their anniversary celebration. I was so touched to hear that Mindy's son had received an animal from Abby's Hugs and that was the real reason behind the fundraiser. She wanted to give back. It's almost like we've started a pay it forward program in the community that brings out the best in people. I love it!

I also received a comment on the homecoming parade from the little "Handy Dandy Notebook" guy's mom. We all thought it was so cute when we heard him say that! How wonderful that they took the time to thank us for it.


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