Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Five Strikes

So, some people in our society are slow learners. Five DWIs! Does it really take 5 DWI convictions before a chronic offender will be sent to prison. I guess on the flip side, I am greatful that the jury found the offender guilty and saw fit to keep him off the streets. Let's just hope the sentence follows through with that sentiment. It seems if you put these cases to a jury, there is not the same amount of tolerance there is from our lenient judges that seem to want to give second, third, and even forth chances. In our case, Ryan Sundermann was put away on his third offense (thankfully), but what if Abrielle had not gotten injured. Would he be out, free to drive the streets in an intoxicated state as he had previously done? Would the judge allow him another probation extension so that he could keep violating it? When is it that someone would stop and think, he might kill someone if he doesn't get help? I am glad this jury did its part to help keep another tragic accident from happening. Who knows, maybe the loss of Abby and the anger many others in the community felt had some sort of impact on this jury. Maybe our Abby is still making a difference in other ways.

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